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Manson Meta Series MBM-2H Sustaniac + XY Midi Pad Blue Bell

Manson Meta Series MBM-2H Sustaniac + XY Midi Pad Blue Bell

This guitar features all the amazing specs of the MBM-1 but with brand new Blue Bell Metallic paint finish and factory installed Sustainiac Sustainer system. We also upgrade it with an additional XY Midi Pad system, fully integrated with the ability to control Digitech Whammy Pedals, Korg Kaoss Pads, Axe Fx, Line 6 Helix Products and many more.


Comes with full sized XY midi pad including-

Hold button for midi pad

Rotary control for midi pad(replaces tone pot)

Full sized midi output jack socket on football plate

Gotoh GTC-101 hardtail bridge with through body stringing.


Please note guitar is pictured with Manson PF-1 Matt Bellamy Signature bridge pickup which is an addtional cost upgrade(just let us know if you wish to upgrade yours when ordering). The guitar will come with standard MBM-2 bridge pickup as standard.


Guitar is in stock and takes up to 6 weeks to modify and ship. Contact us if you need it faster.


Why buy from us?


-We are authorised installers of Sustainiac systems so we can fully inspect and test the system before dispatch. We can also resolve any warranty issues quickly and efficiently for you.

-We fully inspect, check and set up every guitar before dispatch so you can be safe and secure that the instrument will arrive ready to withstand whatever you need from it! We arent just a box shifter store.

    £1,499.99 Regular Price
    £1,349.99Sale Price
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