MANSON MBM-1 META Series Matt Bellamy Guitar Starlight Silver

In stock and shipping with all mods. Please note, pictured with Psychopaf PF-1 bridge pickup upgrade(£175 extra) and aluminium knobs NEW FOR 2020! Manson MBM-1 Meta series guitar in Starlight Silver Also pictured is the cort mbc-1 which we have performed 100s of modifications to since 2015. You will receieve the brand new Manson MBM-1 Meta Series guitar which is the much improved new version of this guitar for 2020. Full spec of the new guitar can be found here- Build/shipping Time. 1-2 weeks for Sustainiac models and one week for fuzz factory models. If you have any questions do be in touch. We can ship all over the world
Aluminium Hardware
Hiscox Hard Case
Sustainiac Pro Sustainer
ZVEX Fuzz Factory
Stealth black hardware
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