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Mirror Mod Manson MBM-2 

2024 Run

We are excited to launch a limited run of Mirror top guitars for 2024. Three spec options are available detailed below. 

Just 5 of each style will be made so secure yours today with a deposit payment. Remaining balance payable near completion. 

Guitars to be completed April-June and will be built and shipped in the order deposits are received. Once we have received your deposit payment we will be in touch to confirm final spec details. This includes any fine spec tweaks you may wish to add/remove, these are bespoke instruments and can be tailored to your preference


Mod Tiers


Tier 1

Floyd KOC


£2599(With Fuzz)

Mirror Top Manson MBM-2

Genuine Floyd Rose Low Profile Locking Tremolo

Manson PF-1 Pickup Set/BKP Mississippi Queen

Gotoh H.A.P MAchineheads

CTS/Switchcraft Electronics

Optional - ZVEX Fuzz Factory

Tier 2

Fuzz EC Mirror


£2499(With MXR P90)

Mirror Top Manson MBM-2

Gotoh Stop Tail/Tune-o-matic bridge

BKP Mississippi Queen HSP90 Set

Gotoh H.A.P MAchineheads

CTS/Switchcraft Electronics

ZVEX Fuzz Factory

Optional - MXR '74 Phase 90

Tier 3

Cracked Midi Mod


Cracked Mirror Top Manson MBM-2

Gotoh Hard Tail Bridge GTC-101

Manson PF-1 Black Manson Etch

XY Midi Pad 

Sustainiac Stealth Pro Sustainer System

Gotoh H.A.P MAchineheads


CTS/Switchcraft Electronics

Mixed black/chrome hardware

Mirror Mod Gallery

Here are some examples of previous Mirror Mod Manson MBM-2 guitars

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